Editing means different things to different people.

Image courtesy of Sarah Lewis via stock.xchng

Image courtesy of Sarah Lewis via stock.xchng

When I use the word edit, I think shaping. In contrast to story coaching, where I make suggestions and ask questions to help you find your way, when it comes to editing I am thinking more of the reader, and less of you, the writer.

My goal is to focus and enrich your work, and I look for anything that could toss readers out of the story, or the flow of your thoughts, and point out places they could become confused or benefit from more information.

Articles edited on a per-project cost.

Fees start at $75 each.

Editing, critiquing, and general feedback on whole or partial manuscripts:

$500 and up for book-length manuscripts, depending on length and level of response/editing required.

Please contact me for more information.

For long works (50+ pages) I offer a 3-page sample consult for free, both to give you an idea of my style, and to allow me to gauge the level of feedback expected. Estimated cost for the project will be based on this initial consult.

If you want to talk about ideas more than individual pages, I recomend submitting a 3-page synopsis, and we can center our discussion around content or development of ideas.

With any questions, or to redeem the offer for the free 3-page response, please fill the contact form.


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