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I currently have three children that I am teaching to write, and I’m going to take a whiny second and just state that I am annoyed with every educator who has ever combined the words “just” and “write.”

The idea that writing comes naturally or grows without cultivation is a myth.

Anyone who is good at writing is good because they’ve spent a lot of time with words: some combination of listening, reading and, yes, writing. We all learn by doing, and no one sits down one day, suddenly able to produce read-worthy, meaningful prose (or poetry).

Image courtesy of Armin Hanisch via

Image courtesy of Armin Hanisch via

That said, I deeply believe that writing is a learnable art, which is the premise of Writing Hope.

If you’re just beginning, I encourage you to start with the brief series on How to Write.  It peels back the layers of effort that go into this work, and offers some suggestions of how to break through the the common places people can get stuck.

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