New Writing Group Start[ed] January 30!

The challenges of the writing life often parallel those of the Christian life—undermining confidence, freedom, and self-respect. This is a group designed to encourage writers and believers at any level of experience.

Image courtesy of Vangelis Thomaidis via stock.xchng

Image courtesy of Vangelis Thomaidis via stock.xchng

Beginning Thursday, January 30, I will be leading a “small group” [topic-specific midweek meeting] in connection with Journey Christian Church.

Time: 7-8:30p.m.
Place: Noel Wein Public Library, Conference Room #1

All-ages child care provided off-site: Community Covenant Church, 6:45-9p.m.

Because of the meeting location, group is limited to a total of 10. Call ahead to sign-up: 750-2419

Weekly format is informal, but will include these elements:

  • Discussion
  • Free writes (writing off a prompt– so bring what you’re comfortable writing on: paper, laptop, treebark…)
  • Depending on the time remaining, anyone who is interested can share their “raw” work (no comments or questions are allowed on these rough drafts).
  • An additional exercise will be available to take home, and participants may revise their draft or bring their responses (in manuscript—typed—form) to share at a later session if they wish for feedback.
Image courtesy of Ana Labate via stock.xchng

Image courtesy of Ana Labate via stock.xchng

Week-by-week outline:

  1. How to Write.
  2. The importance of the Individual/Self-esteem. We are each created with infinite worth: this is what we work from. We have been given enough to start.
  3.  Identity—the power of naming. Build a vocabulary to discuss and value differences without hierarchy (personality theory).
  4.  SHAPE: recognizing purpose based on application of self-understanding (based on the book by the same title by Erik Rees)
  5.  Limits—a gift and part of our design. “God does not rely on human exhaustion to accomplish his will.”
  6. Brokenness and being rebuilt.
  7.  Why Write? (The role of the Artist and Christian)

Source material includes Becoming a Writer by Dorothea Brande, Writing Without Teachers by Peter Elbow, You’re Already Amazing by Holly Gerth and follows group guidelines from Pat Schnider’s Writing Alone and With Others.

Image courtesy of Weliton Slima via stock.xchng

Image courtesy of Weliton Slima via stock.xchng

These guidelines include the opportunity (always optional) to read just-completed work, the rough draft, aloud. As I noted, no comments or critique are allowed at this point.

This restriction is to create a safe space to experiment without fear of criticism or correction before the writer is ready. As I’ve written before here at Writing Hope, everything you do is part of the process.

The group will need to have at least four sign-ups to be a go, so check in early if you’re interested.

If you have general questions, leave them in the comments section below and I’ll answer them for everyone, otherwise you can reach me at my cell # above.

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