I like to mix folkloric elements: Arabian Nights with a Russian epic poem, djinn in Scandinavia, a Grimm fairytale retold as steampunk and other folktales interpreted through the lens of world-crossing, Narnia-style.

Image © Patrizio Martorana

Image © Patrizio Martorana

Lindorm Kingdom

A teenage mother enlists the help of a dragon to escape her abusers, not knowing she will save his life.

Lindorm Queen

The young mother must find more strength than the Lindorm’s to thwart the enemies that seek to destroy their kingdom.

Shadow Swan

Image courtesey of spagheti via stock.exchng

Image courtesy of spagheti via stock.xchng

A disenchanted princess follows her rescuer back to his own world, hoping for safety and a happily ever after. Instead she discovers the modern North American high school of her 17-year-old savior, and learns the magician who trapped her in the form of a swan is posing as their guidance counselor.

Water of Life

In order to find protection after the unsolved murder of her father, the daughter of a successful cancer-researcher must try and heal a dying mob boss and determine her relationship to each of his three dynamic sons.

Dazed & Bemused

© Patrizio Martorana

Image © Patrizio Martorana

    A college freshman reluctantly involves herself with her famous roommate’s hidden depression and grief, inadvertently attracting the attention of an international agent of human trafficking.


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