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Image courtesy of Michaela Kobyakov via stock.xchng

Image courtesy of Michaela Kobyakov via stock.xchng

The function of a professional bio is to introduce people to you and the value of your work.

By focusing on your audience and showing them you are one who can provide what they need, your professional bio will be a tool to help you reach your professional goals.

My ultimate goal in writing bios is not just to say This is a person or This is what they do, but to engage the reader, the audience, in considering possibilities.

People often feel uncomfortable writing about themselves, or don’t know what belongs in a bio and what should be left out.

Through Writing Hope, I offer two services to help with this frustration.

For the do-it-yourself crowd, I offer a talk and workshop that covers assembling an effective professional bio. The basic talk can be formatted from 10 to 60 minutes, depending on the audience and depth of application on-site.

The workshop is scheduled for three hours, allowing us to unpack a four-part formula and brainstorm the components (the what) for individual bios, along with the why. The how is left to the individual, and I’m available to answer questions and provide feedback during the included writing exercises. 

For those more interested in delegating the work, I offer a process that includes a personal interview and an email dialogue of up to three revisions as we work together to create the words that will best represent your purpose.

Image courtesy of cammy ambrosini via stock.xchng

Image courtesy of cammy ambrosini via stock.xchng

Ultimately, creating a personal bio means taking the amazing complexity that is all of you and focusing down to the flaming point of why you are here, whichever here you choose to be in at a given moment.

This means I listen, ask questions, pick at knots from different angles, and generally serve your purpose by being a mirror for your awesome uniqueness.

The goal of this work is to leave you with a clear focus and a core of identity to work from with confidence.

For more information and examples of how Professional Bios work, click here. To request a bio, fill out the form below.


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