Getting to Done — With help from a Writing Coach

A lot of us love stories. Love words.

Bike on a wall smallBut sometimes we feel a barrier to “being a writer,” as though writers are some mystical species, hidden and separate from our own selves.

Others have accepted they’re writers but are still living with questions and insecurities while they navigate terrain that feels both familiar and foreign.

Writing fiction is an odd activity, one where we force ourselves to be alone with imaginary people in an attempt to create something that will capture the attention of real people.

Living people. Flesh-and-blood people who will pay for your work.

broken locked up tricycle small

There are a lot of ways to do writing, and seeing other people’s ways of doing often helps us get unstuck.

Reading is always a good idea when we want to become better writers, and so is talking to other writers and listening to how they think and solve problems.

Here at Writing Hope you get one writer’s opinion, and the input of any number of writers I’ve read and learned from myself. You get questions to refine your work, and ideas for getting unstuck.

When you hire me to spend time on your specific project I will help you strategize next-steps and ways to move forward, from rough draft to completed manuscript. You get immediate feedback (a rare thing in the writing life) and I will also brainstorm with you to fill plot holes, or do a pass through your document to help you be sure your message is as clear as we can make it.

Feel free to browse my writing services and let me know how I can help you.




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