Story Coaching

Story Coaching is a more directly interactive process than editing.

Image courtesy of OGGHOO via stock.xchng

Image courtesy of OGGHOO via stock.xchng

We sit down together, face-to-face (if you’re in Fairbanks, Alaska), over the phone, or via Skype (internet-based video call). The goal in story coaching is to get at the core of your story, or answer specific questions you may have related to your project. Anything from brainstorming to breaking open story problems (usually of the non-math variety) that may have you stuck.

We can root out your writers’ block, discuss a structural or story problem with your novel, or practice looking for the point and purpose of a memoir, the way a publisher might.

Brainstorming, discussing problems, and creating action steps:

$75/hour, negotiable for extended or recurring projects.

To give you an idea how story coaching works and help you understand the value it brings to your writing project, I offer a 15-minute sample session over the phone or skype, free for the scheduling.

Dissecting your story with you, going over outlines and chapters ahead to maximize the nuts-and-bolts of a specific story or challenge:

$125/hour, to cover additional preparation time.

Manuscript read-through with feedback tailored to client request and discussion of at least three total hours:

Starting at $500/manuscript for novel-length works.


I bring a lifetime of reading and story-loving to this job, supplemented with a bachelor’s in journalism and 15 years of analysis and writing experience.

With any questions, or to redeem the offer for the free 15-minute story coaching sample, please fill the contact form.


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